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Utilizing Telephone and Video Conference Technology

With the "virtual workplace" becoming increasingly common and businesses relying on people in diverse locations, effective communication is taking on an entirely new dimension. Businesses must now rely upon remote communication, with meetings often conducted via multi-person telephone or video conference.

These new workplace dynamics and new technologies create a new communications etiquette.

This high-level introduction to video conference communication uses example, practice, and interaction to understand and master these new technological and communication tools. The workshop can be readily expanded to provide in-depth development of presentation and facilitation skills, with additional modules addressing the unique dynamics of conference calls, e-mail and voice mail etiquette.

The workshop provides the following benefits:

  • Conduct more efficient meetings, utilizing new technologies
  • Optimize face-time while minimizing travel costs
  • Enhance relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively to internal and
    external audiences

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