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IPO Presentation Skills Tutorial

M&A's and IPO's:

Presentations to Maximize Your Company’s Value

What’s Communication Got To Do With It?

Are you considering a sale, investment, public offering or recapitalization of your company?

Effective communications skills can make all the difference.  The delta is higher than ever before.  In the current M&A and IPO markets, companies may get valued at 3x EBITDA, 30x EBITDA, or various points in between.  The right communication can add tens of millions of dollars to your company’s value.

We can help prepare you to anticipate key buyers & investor questions, address their underlying concerns, and position you as a market leader, meriting a top-dollar valuation and superior outcome for your company.

Sheerr Communications can bring a superior outcome for your company by:

· Polishing your presentation and presentation skills

· Preparing you to anticipate key buyer & investor questions

· Helping you to address the underlying concerns

· Positioning you as a market leader meriting a top-dollar valuation

 Sheerr Communications, Inc. is often called upon to assist companies in key communications situations including:

· Confidential information Memorandum & Management Presentation support-ensuring your message is clear, compelling & concise

· Investor Presentations – how to tell the story in person to achieve maximum impact

· Succession Planning – enhancing “executive presence” and other leadership skills

Each of these modules has been battle-tested in the markets.  Clients have found that, by using Sheerr Communications, they gain significant premiums.  For example:

“I’m fully convinced that your well-organized and diligent coaching was instrumental in the success of our IPO, which was oversubscribed by 10X.  I would recommend Sheerr Communications without reservation.” 

Michael D. Kishbauch, CEO, OraPharma, Inc.

“Thank you for your assistance in making our IPO a success.  Your thoughtful insight into our approach and the manner in which you molded us into a positive team were critical for the road show… I know we were a tough group!” 

Leslie Gordon, Chief Financial Officer, A.C. Moore

Sheerr Communications: bottom-line value from effective communications strategies.

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