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Communication Skills for Senior Executives

Sheerr Communications offers multiple programs and courses for executives and upper-level managers, including:

  • Executive Excellence
  • Powerful, Pithy & Persuasive Presentations

Each program is tailored to each client's needs and objectives, and is designed for communication mastery and lasting results.

Executive Excellence

Designed for CEOs, senior executives and entrepreneurs, the Executive Excellence coaching program provides highly personalized instruction in all facets of professional communication.

Private coaching enables participants to learn key steps to prepare for successful briefings, speeches, meetings, Q & A sessions or media interviews.

The sessions also assist in preparing you for:

  • new business presentations
  • road shows
  • public education seminars
  • client updates
  • analyst meetings and presentations to clients and investors

Executive Excellence offers a flexible approach, and is easily customized to meet individual requirements. Coaching sessions may include steps to recognize personal growth issues, use of body language, lead meetings, develop platform skills, skillfully handle questions and use visual aids effectively. Think of Executive Excellence in the context of all-important leadership skills.

Videotaping in a comfortable setting, with constructive feedback, is used to reinforce learning.

Persuasive Presentations

Created for upper-level managers and executives, this course enables participants to practice lasting techniques for formal, informal and impromptu presentations. It is offered as a one-day or two-day seminar, or private coaching tutorial.

Skills learned enable participants become more confident and competent presenters, and help them and their organizations to maximize leadership potential. Whether needed for succession planning or overall professional development, this course recognizes the high stakes involved in delivering clear, concise and convincing presentations.

Participants learn to:

  • Deliver the message
  • Present ideas and information creatively and convincingly
  • Become an active listener and build rapport
  • Anticipate, analyze and address the client's needs
  • Strengthen business development opportunities
  • Manage time and control of communications
  • Prepare and answer challenging questions
  • Convey presence

Videotaping in a comfortable setting, with constructive feedback, is used to reinforce learning.

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